Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Makeup Bag

My friend Lacy and I got together this week and made these cute little makeup bags.  They were easy and fun.  Lacy was the expert so I can't really take credit!  We used purple satin for the inside, and Lacy gets all of her fabric at
We cut out the pattern, ironed, pinned, and did a little basting stitch before sewing (that's lacy's trick for helping it stay together better for sewing)
Sewed on the zipper and...
whola! How fun is that?  I especially love the tassel!

Our happy helpers.  This little boy is Max. SO adorable and sweet.
If you'd like the pattern just shoot me an e-mail!

by Suzanne

Monday, April 5, 2010

Vintage Inpired Frame

As part of my bedroom redesign I wanted to change the frames above our bed. I decided to stick with a chunky frame.  I made them 12X12, which made my picture a 4X4.  Perfect for the look I wanted.  I went to Lowe's and had them cut the boards for me. 
I used gorilla glue for adhesive- be sure to use clamps when using gorilla glue to keep the wood even while drying.

After it dried I painted the edges an antique white.

Then I covered the wood with mod podge and pressed on the fabric.  After it dried I cut off the excess with a razer blade and sanded the edges.  Then I used my ALL TIME favorite distress ink,
 vintage photo around the edges.

I ADORE these picture hanging strips that don't leave holes in the wall. 
 They just snap right together, super easy!

About $4 a frame. Can't beat that!
Next up for the re-design, handmade throw pillows and curtains...not sure which will be first :)

by Suzanne