Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Makeup Bag

My friend Lacy and I got together this week and made these cute little makeup bags.  They were easy and fun.  Lacy was the expert so I can't really take credit!  We used purple satin for the inside, and Lacy gets all of her fabric at
We cut out the pattern, ironed, pinned, and did a little basting stitch before sewing (that's lacy's trick for helping it stay together better for sewing)
Sewed on the zipper and...
whola! How fun is that?  I especially love the tassel!

Our happy helpers.  This little boy is Max. SO adorable and sweet.
If you'd like the pattern just shoot me an e-mail!

by Suzanne


  1. was it easy? i'm still a beginner sewer...

  2. Really??!!! You give out "Patterns" for those cute babies!!! WOW!!! :)