Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lampshade Makeover

This is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to change up any room!


-lampshade you are covering
- fabric
-chalk pencil
-mod podge or spray adhesive

My last lampshade makeover I used spray adhesive and I HATED it.  Most people use it, to each his own I guess :) (part of it could've been that I had a faulty bottle that wouldn't stop spraying...yes, it was quite a disaster haha!) Anyway, mod podge worked FANTASTIC for me.

First, use a chalk pencil, draw a line along the bottom edge of the lampshade while rolling it along the fabric. I started at the seam in the lampshade and stopped when I got back to the seam. Do the same with the top edge of the lampshade.
 Cut out the shape. I cut the piece about a half inch bigger all around so I could roll the edges over the top and bottom of the lampshade easily.
I spread the mod podge all over the lampshade in a thin layer so it wouldn't seep through the fabric  then positioned one edge of the fabric on the glue and pressed it in place.
After I pressed the fabric all over the lampshade, I had to trim some extra fabric away to give it a more finished look. I then brushed more mod podge along the bottom and top edges and rolled the fabric around the edge and pressed. It bonded quickly and was easy to work with.
I then folded over the excess fabric and used my glue gun to put it in place.

wa la!  VERY easy! It took less than an hour to make.

I said my next post would be curtains, I am currently deciding between two swatches...sometimes I am hopelessly indecisive.  My next post for the bedroom redesign will be some fun chunky wood frames!

by Suzanne 

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  1. Wow, that is so cute! You guys are just making me want to redo my "plain jane" house! I just need to hire the two of you to do it for me! :)