Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brilliantly Beautiful

Well this title probably has more to do with my model than my work. Isn't she stunning? ;)

It's amazing how inexpensive it is to make something like this. Just a little side note, I get all of my headbands from the dollar store. I, right?  They usually come in a pack of 6.  I buy the elastic ones for Grace and metal ones for me.  That is a total of $2 for 12 headbands, awesome.  I actually prefer buying them there because they have nice rubber on the ends so it doesn't hurt my head...the only bad thing about wearing a headband! Also, see what fabric you have to work with around your house.  You might be surprised what you can find, or what old clothes might be put to better use. :)   I will do a later post on my headband.  We are taking some spring family pictures soon, so I made this one to match her outfit.

It was fun to add a little variety with patterns, tulle, and ribbon. I think it was good to switch it up with a thicker headband too.  I want to add a few embellishments on this piece, but for now this is what it looks like.  Yet again a project to keep me occupied while the hubby is delved in his school work.  He's so wonderful.

she was cracking me up pulling all sorts of faces tonight! Oh and uh, don't mind the drool she's working on her second tooth ;)

by Suzanne

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  1. Oh wow, dollar store head bands huh? What a good idea! I'm going to check that out.