Thursday, February 11, 2010

Budding Before My Eyes

Using the same flower I previously used I wanted to dress up a simple onesie. We all know how expensive clothes can get for babies, and they grow so quickly! At least Grace seems to be, so here's a simple way to dress up something you already have and make it unique!  I included a few pictures this time. 

After making a ruffle with your fabric, starting on one end turn the fabric and
hold the flower in place as you go. You can make it tight or loose, depending on the look you want.
When you are all finished hand stitch the bottom together.  I usually go through it a couple layers at a time.  Go over it until you catch all of the loose ends.
Once I finished them I just sewed them onto the onesie. 
Once again I used Grace as my model but I apologize about the pictures! She LOVES rolling over which is great but it doesn't exactly show off her clothes so after awhile of this
we moved to the chair.  She didn't want to hold still then either. :) But I think you get the idea!
I put a few of the flowers on the side of her headband as explained in Michelle's tutorial yesterday

There's some flower power for ya! ;) Hope you are having a beautiful day!

by Suzanne


  1. Very cute. I'm logging all this flower stuff away until I have a girl :)

  2. I love the idea of this blog!! I love the roses!! Someday I will try to make these things, but I first need a needle and thread.