Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have this old banana republic shirt that I love, but I wanted to add a little something to it so it can feel new to me again :)

This tutorial is pretty general, this flower is harder to explain because I wanted it to look a little less uniform so I just eyeballed it as I went. It was a little trickier, but LOTS of fun!

This rose is made out of silk.  I used felt for my base and did a couple of layers as shown below.  I just sort of pleated the material the way I liked it and stitched the material in place adding about 4 layers.
Here is just the silk flower, you could leave it like that if you like...

but I decided to add tulle for texture.
There you have it!

My original idea was to put three flowers on it, but this turned out too big and I liked the way it looked alone.  I wasn't sure how this one would turn out because it was just freehand, but I really like it.  I think I might add these to some plain spring tee shirts using brighter colors and multiple small flowers. 
Hmmm...another post to come on that!

by Suzanne


  1. I love that! It looks so hard to make though well for me I am not good at free hand and eyeballing material in fact I am BAD at it :) I need to try though maybe in a couple months.

  2. Super cute Suz. Where do you find the best deals on your fabric and tulle? Walmart? JoAnn's? I hardly ever buy fabric so I'm curious where you can find the best stuff.

  3. Loooove it! I have a lot of old shirts I would love to add a cute new something to! Thanks! -Jacquel

  4. Love it! That is such a cute idea! I am definitely doing this one! It seems like one I might actually be able to do:)